Picture Me

#Me in two and a half tweets:

•    Pragmatic-eccentric-contradicting, imaginative, complex & silly, upgradable & optimistic, conceptual. Survivor.

•    Music maniac, curious, a geek of bicultural realities and polyglot aspirations, goal-driven, thirsty & hedonistic.

•    Impatient but adaptable, persistent yet resourceful. Appreciative.

•    Other flavors of my mondo.

Mondo Technoir

Here’s to looking at you kid!


Tech is my nickname, which is short for Technoir from a festive stage in my subcultural early youth. In an era of personal brands “Tech” turns out to be a symbol of my post-national reality. It is pronounced similarly in every language spoken in the eight ancestral lands of my background. Yes I am a mutt, a foreign-born naturalized American of hybrid sorts. Other than social constructs, DNA, and appearance, who I truly am is a guy who is passionate about his life journey, one who cherishes quality in-depth conversation, one who embraces soul-searching. I am an adult with an active inner-child who tries to learn from errors -my own and those of others. I am not religious, yet respectful of others and open to learning. A relatively humble culture vulture intrigued by the people of our world and beyond; I love sci-fi as much as international/indie/alt cinema. On the same token I have a curious mind, love popular science and question pseudo-science.

Latitude and Interests:

I am an urbanite by birth and choice, and I am happy to currently reside in a city (9th largest in the US) that is transitioning into a cosmopolitan metro area (4 largest,) and where I can appreciate nature more often than my previous locations: New York, Los Angeles, a stop over in Madrid, and my native metropolis Mexico City. Which are next? Austin or Portland if I go smaller, London, Boston or Chicago if I find enough mojo to compete in the big city again. I am not sure yet, however a solid career track and graduate education will be two of the main drivers. A diversity of scenes is my comfort zone; since I relocated to Dallas I have completed a second bachelor degree with honors, majoring in Technology and Consumer Culture, an individualized degree of my design, and another major in Anthropology, with a minor in Sociology. I have taken Creative Computation classes which have proven to be a great outlet. Part of my daily drive is the intersection of technology and liberal arts in combination with diversity marketing and intercultural communications.


I have about two dozen including seeing more of my loving parents in spite of geographic distance, putting myself through graduate school, buying a house (or two) and most definitely seeing more of the world. Visiting 20+ countries has been a marvelous fortune worth future postings, but it is not even 10% of this planet that I share with you. I have worked in music and media in different roles and my goal is to become an insider in consumer intelligence in the future trends arena regarding technology, travel and digital culture. It will not be easy but one step at a time and I should get there. Albert Einstein’s quote inspires me: “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions” as well as many others by Gandhi, Mandela, etc.

I hope to remain a multi-scene person, one not too confined by lifestyle tribes, nationalities or subcultures. Mostly I hope to live in balance, with frequent moments of happiness and transcendental friendships-old and new-with individuals who not only talk but listen and cherish balanced mutuality. In general I hope to produce a positive ripple effect along my path. If we have things in common, I favor live interaction. If we live far from each other, commenting on this blog is a good place to start. Keep in mind that everything is relative, and empathy and humbleness are the essential keys to elegance. Nam myoho renge kyo


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