BlowUp – Groovilishing in London Town

Blow Up is a brill’ label I stumbled upon.

Ought2 find their Spotify link at the bottom and follow if you’re into “groovy swell retro sounds” as well ascontemporary indielicioius” and “delectable boutique findings”.

Blow Up Exclusive Blend Vol1 by Blow Up records UK

One of Blow Up’s swell compi-dompies.

Fun stuff!

Mondo-Memo:  I found Blow Up by scoping LinkedIn contacts and ran into a kid from my alma mater who did an internship at London-based record label. The curious music explorer in cross-digital-me searched and clicked through. Their label’s roster included Vimeo items in auto-play per each artist and immediately got trapped in the sounds of:

The Bongolian and David Woodcock  …one assumes that with such surname, the latter musician must be harassed, poked fun at, or rather successful with the gender of his desire.

As time allows I shall explore this label further through all their social feeds, all available-at the time this blog originally published-at Blow Up‘s homepage’s bottom menu. Can’t wait to YouTube some of their videos.

You dig? feedback & share!

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What is a Mondo-Memo ? Like the memory defish’ chap in Christopher Nolan’s film Memento, an  infobsessed individual should be able to follow (and jump) on a train of a thought when it comes to finding the original connection to an idea, a website, app, institution, frequency, friendship, lover, what-have-you (or who-has-you.)

In Mondo-Memos I record such yellow brick roads since I am almost sure that they will intersect other paths and possibilities in future days. Lo and behold that means admitting that I “suffer” apophenia and that I live trapped in between scientific and social construction paradigms …more of those ramblings in futurama.

Pleasant instants and enlightening moments I wish for you.



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